Thursday, 12 May 2016

Freshness Coffee

What makes a good cup of hand-drip coffee? The roasting level of beans, the humidity of filter paper, the water temperature... After being a coffee drinker for a few years, my taste buds were well-trained. Now I recommend a coffee shop in Hong Kong, Freshness Coffee.
Many coffee shops in Hong Kong choose to provide hand-drip coffee with sweet aroma and fruity taste. This kind of easy-drinking taste fits most of the customers. However Freshness Coffee has a rather different insight. They search for beans of different roasted level from different places of the world. And for each of the beans, they find the best way to brew it.
The barista of Freshness Coffee, Michael said,"To reveal the real characters from the coffee beans, that's our way of coffee-making."
Whether you are a hand-drip coffee lover or not, I recommend you to try this coffee shop!

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