Monday, 26 August 2013

Making a rabbit from an old shirt sleeve!

I felt that i should record the process of doll making a long time ago. This time I finally did it and I started with an old shirt sleeve with good light blue fabric. I hope to share the steps with you. I am only a self-taught doll-maker, nothing is complicated here. :)

on the left that is the rabbit doll i will make. I gave him a name -"smart boy醒目仔".

1. cut off the cuff and expend the fabric.

2.mark the shapes of the limbs and ears using the card board templates made by myself.

3. outlining the body of the rabbit.

4. cut the limbs, ears and bodies out with 1.5cm edge.

5. folding them into half, sew the limbs and ears.

6. after sewing, cut the excess edge area before turning them over.
this will make the doll look more tidy and neat afterwards.

7. turn the limbs and ears over with the help of a crocheting needle.

8. the limbs and ears ready for stuffing

9. stuff with the help of a funnel-shape thing made by myself(made by plastic bag and masking tape),
use a paintbrush to push the stuffing into the leg.

10. after the limbs making, prepare the body. mark the position to indicate where to put the limbs and ears.
i only mark on the inner side of the cloth. the marking will be hidden inside the doll.

11. one more step for the ears, after stuffing, sew a line in the middle to create the feeling of ears.

12. sew the body, ears and hands together while inserting them one by one,
leaving a 5cm opening at the bottom. make sure your marking is clear enough to see.

13. now, everything is hidden inside the body.there's an opening at the bottom,
so we can turn the doll over. the legs will be attached by hand-stitching.

14. turn the doll over

15. the rabbit and his legs

14. stuffing the body

15. after this we attach the legs by hand-stitching(i forget to take photo for this part...)

16. also hand-stitch the face.

17. it's done! he is smart boy醒目仔!

I will put this rabbit and one more rabbit into the shop soon. :)

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