Sunday, 22 January 2012

Red Animal Collection : Postcards + Stickers! + GIVE AWAY!

A collection of red animal drawings!
See more pictures here. Buy here.

I am giving away 2 sets of postcards + 2 sets of stickers.
Please leave a comment on this post to participate!
I will announce 4 winners after 1 week.(29th Jan)

Hope you all enjoy the new collection. Have fun!

The cover paper of the postcard set
There are 4 cards in a set!

The back of the postcards.
There are 3 sheets of stickers including 12 different animals.


  1. What a lovely give away! Your work is fantastic!

  2. Aw I love the neighbour's rabbit! Amazing!

  3. next week is my birthday and I would love to have one of this sets!! good work!!

  4. I want to send these to each of my favourite people. Delightful design and illustration :)

  5. In my neighbor's garden also lives a rabbit family!

  6. Your postcards are looking good..I love them ! So I'm in..right on time :-)

  7. my girlfriend likes red and loves her turtles! For me, I really like the standing bear and sit-upping seal!

  8. they are lovely, i like especially your finger touches the rabbit :)
    why do you choose red as the theme color this time?

    1. Red is always my favourite color! And to me, red is a happy and exciting color. I want to make things simple, so i decided to use only one main color. Red is my first choice. :)

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