Sunday, 29 January 2012

Hand-Binding Book: Some Leisure, Treasures and Pleasures

My first collaboration with Elise Lai - Binding a book for an art project by Elise.
"Most of the travelling guides in book stores are about entertainment or famous tourist
spots. As a traveller, I have a desire to collect and make a travelling guide with some
personally recommended places away home from different people, we can see some
relatively personal and intimate travelling recommendations in this book.

This is a travelling guide of the collective memories from everyone I interviewed, the
conversations between me and each of them were held in a usually comfortable and
causal way like having a dinner, drinking coffee and chatting in a private place.

To hear, share, penetrate and substitute to their experiences in an interesting way to
communicate, as if I was able to grasp a part of their memories as well.
It is a kind of distant intimacy, reachable yet unreachable." -Artist Statement by Elise Lai

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